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Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On

Brittany Habib

Posted on September 25 2018

We are all unique.  Our bodies, minds, lives and styles.  If you are anything like me, a great time is NOT trying on 20 different pairs of jeans just to pick ANYTHING to get it over with and carry on with your day.  We have compiled a little advice on choosing jeans to fit your unique body shape and to help highlight your wonderful features that you may not feel so wonderful about!


What's up to my short ladies!!? Whether you are curvy or slim, being shorter than the average puts you in this category. A skinny or straight leg jean will help you elongate your legs and a dark wash will keep those stems from looking stumpy! We would recommend our "Dilan Skinny Faded Wash" for those with a shorter frame. 

Dilan Skinny Faded Wash

Tall and Leggy

For those of you on the other end of the spectrum, it can be hard to find jeans with a long enough inseam. On the plus side, you can rock just about any style with those legs and these days many companies are making jeans especially for you! We suggest just looking for anything with a longer inseam.  If you are looking for something to give you a little more curve to your hips and booty, try a mid/low rise. A flare (tight on the top and wide at the bottom) will flatter and show off the length of your legs. We love our "Pendleton Flare Jeans" for you tall gals!

Pendleton Flare Jeans


There are multiple routes you can go with a fuller bottom half! The more snug fit up top, the more you can show off your curves! Definitely go with something with a little stretch to be sure to flatter those beautiful hips and waist. A high waisted jean will also help slim down your waist as well. Skipping the stiff jeans and adding some stretch is key here which is why our "Danah Super Skinny Jeans" are perfect for you! 

Danah Super Skinny Jeans

Pear Shaped

If you have fuller hips and a booty but smaller on top they say you are "pear shaped." I don't make the rules on these things, I just work here! Try a trouser jean in a dark wash to give you a continuous long line through the leg.  Our "Stetson City Trouser" with a little higher rise will help you lengthen your legs and balance your hip to body ratio. 

Stetson City Trouser

Athletic/Straight Up and Down

Let's get straight to it, if you fall in this category you don't have a lot of curves which means you can get away with pretty much anything! Looser jeans will hit in all the right places on you! With more of a rectangular frame, try a boyfriend (or girlfriend) fit like our "Kancan Phoebe Gf Distressed Jeans." 

Kancan Phoebe Girlfriend Distressed Jeans


Here's the bottom line, I can suggest things to you all day but the truth is, whatever you are most comfortable in is what you will look the best in. When we feel good, we look good. What we feel on the inside is what we reflect on the outside.





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