Meet our newest RRB family member!

Hey everyone, we hope that you are having a great week! Today, I  wanted to officially introduce you to our newest RRB family member. My son, Jay Davis. 

Jay was born on June 20th and changed our lives forever! We spent the next two weeks in the NICU while he was battling lung issues and I was battling high blood pressure. However, we had prayer warriors that continually prayed for us! I was released and about a week later Jay was as well! We are so grateful for our family and friends that shared and joined in our excitement with this new bundle of joy! 

We are adjusting to having a newborn around, but really he is such a good baby! Big sister (Khloe) is completely obsessed with him and loves him SO MUCH, I think Tyme likes him too (lol)! 

Here's a few pics of my crew! Thanks for reading! 

(photos: Ashley Wright Photography) 





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