New Decade, New Goals!

Hey ladies, I am not a new years resolution kind of gal, but I definitely needed to spend some time to myself and my goals for this new decade. So, while we were on our family vacation in Banff, Canada I took some ME time to really think about what I needed to bring more peace in my life. Spending some time alone with God really does the soul good. So as my family was out skiing and tearing up the slopes I was relaxing at the Spa trying to rejuvenate my mind and soul. So below are some of the few things that I am going to personally focus on this year.

My 2020 word is CHANGE!! There are so many things I can change that will impact many areas of my life and my business.

Change my relationship with God! It will get stronger this year because I want it too.🙌🏼 I feel so much better when God’s presence is in my life.

Change my mindset, I am capable of so much more. I need to stay focused on what God has planned and not what I think needs to happen. Trust in him.🙏🏼 

Change my heart, because if you really know me you know I have a hard time with forgiveness. 😬

Change my attitude by starting to see the good instead of the bad in every situation.❤️ 

Change my health, I will start eating healthier and make time to be more active.🥗

I encourage each of you to not let the negativity between your ears discourage you to be anything less but the best version of yourself! Hopefully the above helped you kick start your mind to start thinking about your personal needs. Mindset plays a HUGE role in your success, so do it for you!

You got this ladies!!! I can't wait to hear your goals or word for this year!



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I love this!!! The last part is SO true! Happy New Year Melody!

Jane January 27, 2020

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