Our Perspective On This Crazy Season We Are In

Hello friends, 

After a lot of thinking about what our blog post should be this week, we decided we will go ahead and address our thoughts on COVID-19 and what we believe is the best way to approach this crazy season. 

Honestly, this is something that I have nor have many of you ever experienced. We are in a season that is uncharted and some are fearful and others are not. Whether you are scared or not, our post is not going to be the post on what you should be doing to prevent the spread of this virus (none of us here are nurses or doctors.) Instead, we have decided to approach it from a different perspective. Our view on this matter can be summed up with the word perspective! 

Perspective can change you and the ones around you in either a negative way or a positive way. Let’s look at this time with family as a blessing. With the hustle and bustle of our everyday life, we are being forced to slow down and enjoy some special moments with our closest people. Take this time not to worry and read posts about the negative, but read the word to bring peace. Take this time not to find something else to do, but take this time to enjoy with your kids and spouse. Take this time to clean and organize something in your house (some advice I really need to take lol.) Life is all about our perspective, of course we want you to be smart at this time but please don’t focus on the negative and fear of the unknown. Make the most of it, and trust that God hears our prayers and has his hand of protection over us.

XOXO, Kayla

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