Summertime Reminders

Summer weather is officially here in Texas. As much as we love spending time outdoors and by the pool or working in the yard we know there are some obvious steps we need to do to stay as healthy as we can in the 90 to 100+ weather! We have compiled a list from our friends and family of things to remember during the summer months and we thought we would share with you! 

1.USE SUNSCREEN! As much as you want a great tan (we are the same way) we don't want the sunburn or what those sunburns might cause. Please take precautions when outside to protect your skin for those UV Rays! Obviously our favorite way to keep our tan is using our Desert Bronze self tanner! 

2. DRINK WATER!! Water is good for you year round, but especially beneficial now! One way that has really helped me make sure I'm getting an adequate amount of water each day is ordering a water bottle that specifies how much should be gone at certain times. It serves as a reminder hourly for me to drink up! 

3. EXERCISE! Staying active is never a bad idea! However, choose the time you workout (especially if outside) wisely. Not something you want to do during the hottest part of each day! 

We hope you are excited for summer and whatever plans you might have coming up! These three little tips are hopefully good reminders that will help you enjoy your summer to the fullest. Stay safe!




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