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Wedding Day Memories I'll Forever Cherish

Written by Melody Hammett


Posted on March 20 2019

Skye had been envisioning her wedding day for so long, and the day had finally arrived. I was filled with so much excitement, and I was also a little nervous- I wanted everything to go exactly how she planned. The day started normal with lots of action and hustling around the house to gather everything we needed for the day. As we drove into the venue it really hit me hard- today was the day my baby girl was getting married! As soon as we arrived, everyone started getting ready. I watched as she giggled with her sisters and friends, and I could see the excitement in her eyes as her anticipation grew. Today was finally the day she got to marry her best friend! The morning flew by, and thanks to amazing vendors, friends, and family, we had all the help we needed to bring Skye’s vision to life.

A few weeks before the wedding, Skye asked me to walk her great grandmother (on her father’s side) down the aisle holding a picture of my late husband. I knew that would be a challenge for me to handle all of my emotions, but I was so excited to be able to incorporate her dad into her big day. Before I knew it, the morning was gone and they were calling us out to start the ceremony. The minute I walked around the corner into the chapel I felt a flood of emotion that hit me hard. As I looked out to see family and friends staring at the picture in our hands, I had to have a quick “get in check” moment with myself and pull it together!  There wasn't a dry eye in the room through the whole ceremony, and I felt her dad’s presence and know he was watching over us.

Y’all, I can’t explain the love and respect I have for my husband, Gaylon. He knew she wanted her dad to be there and he stepped in and walked her down the aisle with great honor. As they walked down the aisle, she was glowing, and you could see the excitement in her eyes. Her husband’s reaction was priceless, and it was clear that God had blessed her with her true love.

Then came the reception, and it was beautiful! All her close family and friends were there and she felt so loved! I sat back and watched the happy chaos of photos being taken, hugs being given, laughs being shared, and I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of joy. At one point, among all the chaos, I happened to look over and see Skye hugging a man with tears coming down her face. I quickly realized the man was her dad’s best friend that we hadn’t seen since his funeral. It was such a happy and sad moment, and I know she felt like that was the closest thing to her dad she could hug! I was so thankful that he made it to the wedding because it made her happy to see someone from her dad’s life.

The night went on and everyone danced the night away! And yes, the father daughter dance was emotional, but Gaylon was such a blessing! As the night was coming to a close and they were about to leave and kick off their honeymoon, reality hit me again; this day has come and gone, and now things are never going to be the same! Don’t get me wrong, I am over the moon with happiness that my baby girl has found a man to love her unconditionally, but the selfish part of me still misses her at home sometimes! Y’all. These are the moments you try to prepare for as a parent (but really, can you ever be prepared for your babies to leave you?!) Life has this funny way of letting sadness and joy coexist in certain situations, and my only advice is to lean in and and enjoy every second! Cherish your children while they are little, because they don’t stay that way for long! Before you know it, they will be off creating lives for themselves, and as exciting as that is, change can be hard! It definitely has been for this momma, but I am also incredibly grateful for it all! This crazy, beautiful life we have is so precious, and this wedding brought me so much joy! Thank you to everyone who made my baby girl’s day everything she dreamed it would be!





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