Welcome Kayla to our team!

Hey everyone, my name is Kayla Davis and I am the newest team member of Rebel Roots boutique. I thought it was time to introduce myself and to share a little bit about me. So here we go...

First things first, I have the best family in the world. I am married to my husband Matt who is my best friend and who is a youth pastor at our church. We have a three year old daughter named Khloe (who you might see occasionally on the gram) and we also are raising a teenager named Tyme. We are expecting a sweet little boy this coming summer so stay tuned for that!

Shopping is something I have always loved to do  (just ask my husband) and I am excited that I get to work alongside Melody and the other girls here at Rebel Roots. I would say my style is pretty casual chic, I like neutral tones and classic pieces that will last a long time. I will add my occasional twist to some pieces to make it more trendy, but my ultimate goal is to make every look achievable for whoever wants to try it.

I am so grateful that Melody has trusted me enough to be a part of her team. This was really a Godsend because both of my degrees are in the education field. That's right, I have been an elementary math teacher for 6 years now! Even though I am still teaching, I get to dabble in fashion with Melody and I have to say it is so exciting and fun. Though, I will be somewhat working behind the scenes here at Rebel Roots, please never hesitate to ask for my help. I am definitely not a fashion pro, but love when people ask for my help when shopping or deciding on an outfit.

Until next time…



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